Sunday, April 5, 2009

Ride a Ferris Wheel - April 5, 09

Ferris Wheels are so mesmerizing to ride...

Stumbled upon a Free~~carnival this weekend and had a splendid time.

Of course, a ride on the Ferris Wheel was in order.

Typically a ride on such a small version of said Ferris Wheel wouldn't seem too scary, but this one looked quite old.

Plus, once we were all buckled into the seat, I noticed how questionable the safety looked all of a sudden.

The fear factor increased slightly.

Once we got to the top and looked down it was so exilerating.

On the back of each seat was a sign,

"Danger Do Not Rock Seat"...

So, of course, we had to rock the seat.


The view of our mountains
in West Las Vegas were surreal
on such a clear, sunny day.

Hard to believe this is actually Las Vegas.

So many hidden places to discover...

Even on top of a Ferris Wheel.

**Obviously we lived to tell about it.


  1. The view is amazing. I remember taking a ride on one in Vienna.Supposedly the oldest ferris wheel in the world.Well, it did move like one.It was so slooooooooooooooooooow :)

  2. Ooooooh fun!!! What a pretty view. Not the stereotypical Vegas is it?!!! Great pictures.