Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Diamond in the Rough - July 6, 2010

We are all a diamond in the rough
and can continually
use a bit of polishing


  1. Hi Elle - You continue to inspire. As you know I've blogrolled you. Now my friends here wanted to subscribe to your blog - could you add a subscriber gadget to your blog to make things simpler for them. Thanks.

  2. Hi Corinne,

    I thought I had a subsriber gadget with the Follow button, but will look into other options. Thank you so much!!!

    Have a wonderful new day today!

  3. I have been polishing my son for years and his sparkle is starting to show - I always knew there was a diamond there. Thanks for the post, Wendy

  4. Thanks - have passed on the info to my friends. You take care Elle. May you be inspired everyday!

  5. My daughter's ballet teacher said she was "diamond in the rough, and just needed some polishing". My first thought was how we all need it in various areas of our lives. Seeing the "polish" shine on our children is absolutely rewarding.

  6. Sometimes more than a bit. LOL But, the end we will dazzle even ourselves.