Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Porches, Chairs and Water Views - March 11, 09

For years I have collected images of
porches, oceans, lakes, hammocks, and adirondack chairs.

As I was compiling these pictures I just had an epiphany...
it is time to move from Las Vegas.


  1. Ya know, when you commented about the museum of making music, saying how hard it is to find good clean fun in Vegas, I was thinking you SHOULD move too! You have nothing tying you to Vegas that I know of and you have family EVERYWHERE. That's funny...Great minds think alike =D. Where do you think you want to move to?

    Alec and I have a thing for porches and porch chairs too...about a year ago we extended our front porch to the end of our house and it now takes up the majority of the front of our home. We have nice weather here and it's really nice to sit out there during warm summer evenings. You still have never been to our home...You and Marrissa need to take a trip to SD and we can all hang and have fun!!! So much to do.

    Love you two...
    Love me.

  2. I am thinking about somewhere in California! Seriously...Going to start looking into it and make it happen this summer after dance competition season is done, but before school starts in the fall. You are right...GMTA!